Antena GPS ASGR50 50 canale

Antena GPS ASGR50
Antena GPS ASGR50
50 canale
Antena GPS Humminbird 50 canale.

The Humminbird 50-Channel GPS/WAAS receiver gives you lightning fast position fixes accurate within 2.5 meters. This receiver can be used in lower signal areas (compared to a AS GR16) and still maintain a position fix. It also has a faster Time to First Fix (TTFF). The receiver's dimensions are: 3.25" diameter, 1.5" high and comes with 20 feet of cable and has a 1"-14 thread count stem mountable with optional antenna stem (antenna stem not included).

For Use with

  • 1155c
  • 1157c
  • 1197c SI
  • 718
  • 728
  • 768
  • 778C
  • 788C
  • 798C SI
  • 858c
  • 898c SI
  • 917C
  • 947C
  • 955c
  • 957c
  • 958c
  • 967C 3D
  • 997c SI
  • 998c SI

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