Hidrofoil SE Sport 400

Hidrofoil SE Sport 400
Hidrofoil SE Sport 400
Hidrofoil SE Sport 400 pentru motoare inboard sau outboard cu puteri intre 40 si 500CP ( 41x43cm ) - NU necesita gaurirea placii anticavitatie - Asigura un timp de glisare mult mai mic - Reduce frecarea barcii cu apa - Pune si mentine barca in glisare, la turatii mult mai mici - Mareste viteza de deplasare si manevrabilitatea la turatii mici - Reduce consumul de combustibil

Stay on plane at lower speed. Better cornering, with reduced cavitation and prop blowout.

Especially good for deck boats and pontoon boats.SE Sport 400 hydrofoils boost fuel efficiency, get you on a plane up to 50% faster, and enable you to remain on a plane at much lower speeds. With the patented features of Turbo Trac and thrust catching contoured surface, SE Sport hydrofoil users experience a whole new level of control. Rated the fastest foil in its class by independent testing, the narrow footprint and modified hydrofoil shape does not adversely affect trim at planing speeds which means you get maximum top end performance and excellent hole shot.

  • Boost fuel efficiency, improve performance, reduce on-plane rpm and plane at lower speeds
  • Narrow footprint and sleek shape offer less drag resistance for greater speed and lower rpm
  • Drill- Free Installation –   The SE Sport 400 comes with all the hardware you need. 

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