Humminbird AS360TM

Humminbird AS360TM
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Humminbird AS360TM
Sonda Humminbird AS360 TM, se foloseste prin montarea pe motoare electrice MinnKota Maxxum si Fortrex


‚ÄčThe bow mount 360 Imaging is designed to work exclusively with Minn Kota® Maxxum® and Minn Kota® Fortrex trolling motors withfoot controls only. It attaches directly to the shaft of the trolling motor with a quick release bracket and stows and deploys quickly and easily.

360 Imaging for trolling motor. The revolutionary technology Humminbird® 360 Imaging ™ offers a detailed 360-degree picture around your boat. Imagine a thin wall, which rotates continuously under your boat, forming a circle with a diameter of 90 meters, which is virtually unattainable with other sonar. While you stand in one place, sonar beams rotate to refresh the picture with what is happening in you. So when a fish came, you will see it before it you felt. For greater flexibility, you can choose between five different speeds rays. The lower speed ensures better quality, but at longer intervals to refresh the image. And vice versa - more speed means less image quality, but more frequent refresh. With five different speeds will find out which is the most appropriate depending on the speed of the boat in the water conditions and other external influences. For the first time you will be able to see 45 meters in front of you - you can choose between a 360-degree view or isolate specific portion. The new 360 Imaging allows you to determine what area you want to see - from 10 to 360 degrees. You can lock the beam anywhere, but the most effective is the area that is in front of the boat. If you set a small angle of 360, the image will be refreshed more often as a coating zone will be less. Additional features: - You can set the screen to display images simultaneously from SwitchFire ™ or GPS cartography with 360 Imaging; - Note the interesting waypoints directly on 360 Imaging image. The exact location will be saved in the memory of sonar and displayed a GPS mapping; - You can choose between 8 color palettes - you can use this option to see more clearly the image depending on the conditions in the water - light, excitement, pollution, etc. 

Compatible with sonars: - ION 12, ION 10 - ONIX10ci SI Combo, ONIX8ci SI Combo - HD SI Combo 1199ci, 1199ci HD SI Combo KVD, 1198cx SI Combo - 999ci HD SI Combo KVD, 999ci HD SI Combo , 998cx SI Combo - 899ci HD SI Combo, 898 CX SI Combo, - 798cxi HD SI Combo. Warranty: 2 years.

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