Yamaha Y-COP antifurt Yamaha 30-100CP

Yamaha Y-COP
Yamaha Y-COP
antifurt Yamaha 30-100CP
Yamaha fits integral Y-COP system to all outboards 30-100 hp
Lan system and remote
Yamaha Cust. Outboard Protection Syst.

How often have you wondered: “why do cars have electronic protection from theft or unauthorised use, but outboard engines never do?”

Last year, Yamaha became the first manufacturer to change all that - with the introduction of the innovative Y-COP (Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection) system on its 30 and 40 hp models.

Now, for 2010, all new fuel injection, four-stroke outboard models from 50 hp to 100 hp will feature Y-COP as well.

A simple, easy to use and highly effective system, Y-COP locks and unlocks the engine with one push of a button on the neat remote control: just like a car. The kind of craft that use the engines featuring Y-COP are usually stored on trailers or on the deck of a mother ship – where they make tempting targets for thieves. So Y-COP offers owners peace of mind.

An industry first, Y-COP is proof that Yamaha leads the industry when it comes to listening to customers and taking practical action.

Simple to operate
The Y-COP system uses a simple handheld remote transmitter to immobilise the engine – and therefore the boat – when it is bolted to the transom.

The signal from the transmitter is picked up by a receiver that is fitted to the boat and plugged into the LAN (Local Area Network) system.

The signal is passed to the engine ECM (Engine Control Module) via the standard LAN wiring system.

The engine ECM recognises the signal from the transmitter and unlocks the system, allowing the engine to run.

All new Y-COP engines use NMEA 2000 protocol. This means the engine information feed can be interfaced with other electronic accessories, such as chart plotters, to monitor engine functions and fuel management. The Y-COP system integrates seamlessly into this simple and easy-to-install system.

Anti-Tamper as standard
While the Y-COP receiver and wiring is designed for easy installation – just plug in, follow the set-up procedure and go – Y-COP is clever enough to recognise if someone is tampering with it. In fact even if it is disconnected or destroyed it will lock the engine into a low rpm mode – enough to get you home safely, but useless to thieves.

Yamaha Genuine Accessories
Use one of Yamaha’s outboard marine security accessories like Smartlock or Nutlock to lock your outboard to the boat’s transom, and you can add an even higher level of security.

Y-COP is fitted as standard to the following 2010 Yamaha outboard models (all shaft lengths):

F100D / F80B / F60C / FT60D / F50F / FT50G/ F40F / F30B

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