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Barci Victory

Victory boats are designed for lovers of outdoor activities and fishing.

Our boats are primarily reliability and comfort.


  •  The hull of the boat is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy AMg 5 M to give universal characteristics of the use of the vessel and a convenient, "painless" approach to any coast. 

  • All boats have a reinforced internal power pack for added rigidity and strength to the hull.

  • When creating the case, laser cutting is used and all seams are boiled   from two sides (internal and external).

  • The buoyancy blocks are made of extruded polystyrene foam, which ensures exceptional unsinkability of the vessel.

  • The deck of the boat is made of high quality imported composite materials to improve ergonomics, comfort and aesthetics. It does not require special winter storage.

  • Victory uses only high-quality components and collaborates with the best global manufacturers (Osculati, Ultraflex, Springfield, Recasens and others).

  • Unique body contours allow you to quickly exit the glider and develop high speed even with low power motors.

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