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In the FISHPRO series, the name is Program. It was developed in close cooperation with Russian tournament anglers and is designed to meet the needs of modern spin fishing. In addition, the boats are built specifically for European waters and adapted accordingly to rides in rough waters. At the same time, the hulls are consistently trimmed for performance. The FISHPRO 54 with its maximum engine power of 150 hp is a true racing machine that is fully competitive.

This series currently includes two types of boats, each of which is being developed consistently. The innovative, self-linging foredeck provides dry storage and the ultimate extra safety on the water. Generous casting decks in the front and rear leave plenty of room to move around large areas effectively. Standard rod storage compartments and equipment and tackle storage complete the FISHPRO range of boats, as well as standard Livewells and the PROFIL + system, which allows easy quick installation of accessories. In addition, the Easy Rigging System allows easy installation of additional electronics. Standard cable ducts ensure that all insulation remains intact even after years of use.

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The VOYAGER series is our premium line, which deliberately sets itself apart from the classically robust appearance of average aluminum boats. Of course, the boats are excellent as workboats, but they are quite more than that. They are perfect family boats that can be understood as day cruisers, for Marinahopping but also for multi-day, location independent Weekender. Of course, the focus here is also on aluminum boats typical topics such as robustness, low weight and minimal maintenance, but if it may be a touch of luxury, the VOYAGER series is made for you. The boats are characterized by generous sleeping spaces and a well thought out room concept. Real cabin boats, which were mainly developed from the user's point of view. Built for those who want more than just lying in the sun,

The VOYAGER series offers you all that and of course the VBOATS maxim assures you to deliver uncompromising quality at unbeatable prices. Nowhere is VBOATS self-image better than this product line. Modern design meets superb craftsmanship without breaking your budget.

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The YAVA series shows how boatbuilding can work. The best materials, uncompromisingly good workmanship and an unparalleled price are the attributes that come straight to the YAVA series. All boats shine with impeccable quality of construction, excellent appearance and many thoughtful details. So all boats are equipped with a self-hinging, raised foredeck, which is great for lazing around on trips with friends and family, but also provides the best location for anglers to pursue their hobby.

The deep V of the YAVA hulls guarantees a safe and pleasant ride even in rough seas and the sturdy hull protects your boat against some rough handling. The perfect boat for beginners and professionals, where the many details and the elaborate powder coating make you forget that you are on a boat of the entry-level class.

YAVA boats offer beginners and professionals the perfect basis for water sports.

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