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YAVA Series

The YAVA series shows how boatbuilding can work. The best materials, uncompromisingly good workmanship and an unparalleled price are the attributes that come straight to the YAVA series. All boats shine with impeccable quality of construction, excellent appearance and many thoughtful details. So all boats are equipped with a self-hinging, raised foredeck, which is great for lazing around on trips with friends and family, but also provides the best location for anglers to pursue their hobby.

The deep V of the YAVA hulls guarantees a safe and pleasant ride even in rough seas and the sturdy hull protects your boat against some rough handling. The perfect boat for beginners and professionals, where the many details and the elaborate powder coating make you forget that you are on a boat of the entry-level class.

YAVA boats offer beginners and professionals the perfect basis for water sports.

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