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Antifurt motoare mici

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Antifurt motoare outboard de putere mica

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Antifurt motoare mici
Antifurt motoare mici
The best protection available against costly outboard motor theft. McGard outboard motor locks are designed to lock the bolt that holds the outboard onto the transom of the boat. Simply replace one of the mounting nuts with a McGard locking nut. These outboard motor locks are fully machined from high quality stainless steel and are through-hardened. A free-spinning collar turns if attacked by gripping tools. Honda 8-30 HP Johnson/Evinrude 6-30 HP Mercury/Mariner 8-25 HP Nissan 8-18 HP Suzuki 8-30 HP Tohatsu 8-18 HP Yamaha 8-25 HP (Lock may fit some 2 strokes up to 30 HP, verify hole diameter)

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