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Suport 2 lansete alb

Suport Tempress pentru 2 lansete, cu spatii pentru momeli artificiale si scule gen cutit, foarfeca, penseta; dimensiune 28cmx22cmx6.6cm, culoare alba

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Suport 2 lansete alb
Suport 2 lansete alb
FISH-ON! 2 ROD HOLDER MADE OF PLASTIC IN WHITE This Tempress two rod holder made ​​of plastic in white from Fish-On! made by Tempress provides not only space for 2 rods, but is also a practical holder for pliers, knife, bait and tools. The rod holders are notched in the front area where the reel foot holds the rod stable and secure. Delivery Fish-On! Two rod holder made of plastic in white 1 piece two rod holder made ​​of plastic in white. Mounting hardware. Assembly instructions. Length / height 28 cm Width 22 cm Depth 6.5 cm