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Suport prindere tableta

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Suport fixare Ipad - Railblaza Screen Grabba, compatibil cu baze Starport,Side Port, Railmount sau Ribport

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Suport prindere tableta
Suport prindere tabletaSuport prindere tabletaSuport prindere tabletaSuport prindere tableta
ScreenGrabba - Screen Door Description Chartplotters, fishfinders and even the traces of the radar, can now be read on tablet. ScreenGrabba securely supports your iPad, Galaxy Tab or other touchscreen, even when they are in a waterproof case.
  • Tablets claims 7 to 10 inches.
  • May rotate over 360 °.
  • Can be tilted more than 90 °.
  • Maximum size of the tablet 250 mm.
  • Allows vertical or horizontal installation.
  • Compatible with most of the watertight enclosures, both rigid piegehvoli.
Compatible with all our bases: StarPorts, SidePort, RAILMOUNT and RIBPort.   Construction Materials ScreenGrabba: ABS with Santoprene support StarPorts: plastic AES protected from UV Seal: Rubber TPE   Installation 1) The StarPorts TM can be fixed on the surface using the special collar, encased in any flat surface or mounted on a pipe handrails (RAILMOUNT). 2) Make sure you have enough space behind the surface for the penetration of the screws and / or bolts to prevent damage to electrical cables, pipes or cables maneuver. 3) It is recommended to use a suitable sealant between the collar and the blanket.   LOOK OUT: The ScreenGrabba NOT is designed to change the orientation of the tablet orizzonatale to vertical and groped to rotate the joint between the pipe and the bracket will damage it. Although the ScreenGrabba perfectly support the tablet in calm conditions, if you have chosen motor with rough sea recommend that the tablet is removed.

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