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Borne rapide baterie

Borne rapide baterie, cu protectie din plastic, maxim 1000A

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Borne rapide baterie
Borne rapide baterieBorne rapide baterie
PowerAce battery fasteners for quick and easy disconnecting of batteries. PowerAce battery terminals are distinguished by quality. The battery terminals are made of brass (61{8f2afe3520bc3709d7bd68145a8edacbea79721dc3ec44b1f19e4f0ff13b53a0} copper). The resistance is thus more than 40{8f2afe3520bc3709d7bd68145a8edacbea79721dc3ec44b1f19e4f0ff13b53a0} lower (0.07 microOhm vs. 0.12 microOhm) and the maximum current is 25{8f2afe3520bc3709d7bd68145a8edacbea79721dc3ec44b1f19e4f0ff13b53a0} higher (1000A vs 800A). Heavily executed (260g vs 170g).

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