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Ancora River 9kg

Preț €135.00

Ancora River 9kg, ancora plastifiata, protejeaza barca de zgarieturi 

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Ancora River 9kg
Ancora River 9kgAncora River 9kg

Ancora plastifiata, disponibila in mai multe variante de greutate

Greutate lungime barca   lungime barca  cod
6,3 kg ( 90 €) 16 ft 4,8 m 90 1302
9,0 kg ( 135 €) 22 ft 6,7 m 90 1303
13,5 kg ( 150 €) 24 ft 7,3 m 90 1304


Cast iron coated with thermal bond PVC vinyl. Non-toxiant powder which helps it soak into the anchors. This anchor is one of many top quality items .The river anchor is especially designed for river and mud bottom lakes. It's great for pontoon and bass boats. Traditional tri-fluke design for penetration in softer conditions and holding structure in heavy current. Cast iron construction. This anchor is coated with heavy duty no-mar resistant plastisol (protects bass boat finishes as well).

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