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Amplificator Wetsound HT-6

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Amplificator marinizat Wetsound HT-6, 6 canale

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Amplificator Wetsound HT-6
Amplificator Wetsound HT-6Amplificator Wetsound HT-6
The HT-6 is a high powered marine 6 ch full range class d amplifier that allows you to configure it to power any combination of speakers systems. The HT-6 can run multiple Marine Speakers, Marine Speakers and subwoofers, Marine Speakers and tower speakers, tower speakers and subwoofers, multiple subwoofers or used to power tower speakers.  High Pass, Low pass  and Full range crossover selection on all channels with bass boost adjustment  increase the flexibility.  Adding to the feature set is RCA input summing that allows you to attach one set of RCA’s to drive all channels, separate the amp into 2 RCA inputs or use all 3 RCA inputs. This makes it very simple to wire and configure the amplifier without the need for additional RCA Y-adapters. Removable power/ground and speaker wire plugs giving you easier installation for wiring up the amplifier in tight spaces.
Description Value Downloads (in PDF format)
RMS Power @ 4 ohm Stereo 110 x 6
User Manual
RMS Power @ 2 ohm Stereo 150 x 6
RMS Power @ 4 ohm Mono 300 x 3
RMS Power @ 2 ohm Mono N/A
Input Sensitivity Variable from 200mV to 5V
Frequency Response 10Hz-20kHz
Bass Boost 0db - 12db
High-Pass Crossover Frequency 50Hz - 250Hz  
Low-Pass Crossover Frequency 50Hz-250Hz  
THD @ 4ohm <.08  
THD @ 2ohm <.08  
Signal To Noise Ratio >95dBa  
Idle Current Rating 2.5 A  
Max Current Rating 60A  
Crossover Type Switchable Hi/Lo/Full  
Turn on Delay 4S  
Operating Voltage 10V-16V  

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