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blower Yellow Tail

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Unique nylon fan that includes 6 blades to ensure high performance and efficient ventilation. Installation of the Yellow Tail blower is made easy with extended barbs and slotted mounting bracket. 12 VDC, Continuous duty, Ignition protected, USCG 183.410 compliant, NMMA Type accepted. ABYC. 120 CFM, 3.8A.

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blower Yellow Tail
blower Yellow Tailblower Yellow Tailblower Yellow Tail
Ventilator for deaeration of motor space. To assemble in all the positions to the hose with 76 mm internal diameter. Motor in current of air. Power: 3,3 m3/min. 12V, 3,7 A
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6 Blade Nylon Fan
• Heavy Duty Fan Housing
• Compact Design
• Extended Barbs for ease of Installation
• Sealed Motor & Wires for Corrosion Resistance
• Sealed Motor Shaft for Moisture Protection & Long Life
• Slotted Baseplate for Easy Mounting
• CE Listed
• 3 Year Warranty

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