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Lumini subacvatice Piranha P6 CC 2P

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Bluefin Led Piranha P6 Color Change; 6 LED-uri subacvatice 2500 lumeni, 50W,pachet 1 pereche

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Lumini subacvatice Piranha P6 CC 2P
Lumini subacvatice Piranha P6 CC 2P
Incredibly powerful the Piranha P6 Colour Change Underwater Light gives you the freedom to express yourself and showcase your boat in the best possible way. Choose the colour to compliment your enviroment,suit your mood or create a custom party theme. Suitable for all types of boats, perfect for transom and side mounting on all hull types. No controller required Incredibly simple to install just one small cable entry hole and 3 mounting screws. Reverse polarity protection with in built driver technology and active thermal control. Guard X protective coating prevents marine growth build up on the polymer lens. Specification Suitable transom or side hull mounting Surface mount, requires 13mm/0.5" cable entry hole Recommended for boats up to 14m/45ft fixture Lumens 2500 Typical LED life expectancy 50,000 hours Voltage 12V, Power Draw 4.0 Amps Voltage 24V Power Draw 2.0 Amps Over voltage,current,reverse polarity,active thermal protection Fixture profile 17.6mm,0.7" Fixture diameter 110mm,4.3" Body:High quality marine grade bronze Lens: optical grade high impact polymer,60 degree beam angle 2 years warranty