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Lumini subacvatice Piranha P3

Preț €232.00
  • Led subacvativ Piranha P3,
  • lumini subacvatice cu 3 LED-uri 18W,
  • 95mm diametru, greutate 400gr

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Lumini subacvatice Piranha P3
Lumini subacvatice Piranha P3Lumini subacvatice Piranha P3Lumini subacvatice Piranha P3Lumini subacvatice Piranha P3Lumini subacvatice Piranha P3

Surface Mounted underwater light The Piranha P3 Underwater Light strikes fear into the heart of its competitors,small yet ferociously powerful the compact low profile design makes the Piranha P3 the perfect choice for all types of boats and is suitable for transom and side mounting on all hull types. Incredibly simple to install just one small cable entry hole and 3 mounting screws.Reverse polarity protection with in built driver technology and active thermal control,Guard X protective coating prevents marine growth.

Available colours: CobaltBlue, Diamond White, Emerald Green, Saphire Blue.

  • Cobalt Blue
  • Diamond White
  • Emerald Green
  • Sapphire Blu


  • Suitable transom or side hull mounting
  • Surface mount, requires 13mm/0.5" cable entry hole
  • Recommended for boats up to 7m/25ft
  • Max Lamp Lumens 2000 / Fixture Lumens 1500
  • Typical LED life expectancy 50,000 + hours
  • Voltage 12v, Power Draw 1.2 Amps
  • Over voltage,current,reverse polarity,active thermal protection
  • Hydro Block Technology
  • Fixture profile 17.6mm,0.7"
  • Fixture diameter 95mm,3.7"
  • Lens: optical grade high impact polymer,60 degree beam angle
  • 2 years warranty
BlueFin Led Pirahna P3 [PDF, 4.86 MB]