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Lumishore Shorelite x36

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Lumishore  Shorelite x36
Lumishore  Shorelite x36

Lumishore x36 Shorelite Underwater Light White Single

LED Underwater Light for Docks, Marinas, and Water Features Using the same technology as its boating models, the Lumishore Shorelite brings amazing new opportunities to fixed shoreside applications and water features, providing beautiful tranquil waterside settings as well as additional safety and security. The Shorelite is suitable for Docks, Marinas, Pontoons, Water Features, Ponds, and other underwater applications.


  • Brighter & More Powerful than competitor offerings
  • Best LED Price Performance on the market.
  • Fast and simple installation.
  • Service free operation. (Sealed unit - no bulb changes).

In the box:

  • x18 Shorelite
  • Installation hardware
  • Owner's manual

Precision Machined and Treated Body and Fittings Specification

  • 36 watt HICOB LED array, 100 lumens/watt in white
  • Choice of Colours; Ultra Blue, Ultra Green, Deep Red and High Intensity White
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • Optional Key Fob remote (see accessories)
  • 12 or 24volt options
  • Current draw per unit; 3Amps@12V, 1.55Amps @24V