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Saula tractare cu troliu

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Saula tractare cu troliu
Saula tractare cu troliu
Saula tractare cu troliu; se utilizeaza pentru tractarea colacilor gonflabili;lungime 122cm - forta rupere 1077kg Jobe Water Sports Bridle / HarnessWith Pulley If your boat has 2 x D-Rings rather than a central towing point (most RIBs, most boats with an outboard motor etc) then you will need one of these if you want to tow anything. Ideal for Wakeboarding, Water Skiing, Towable Tubes, Ringos, Water Toys, Ski Tubes etc. Clips onto your D-rings and forms a "V" shape when under load ensuring that your motor stays clear and that there is no snagging. The float keeps everything away from your prop when the rope is in the water. We really like these ones as the pulley distributes the load evenly between both D-Rings thus minimising the risk of overloading any single point.Size: 8’ (forms a V of 4' either side)
  • Ultra strong carabiner style clips
  • Rope break strength: 2200 lbs/1000 kg
  • Float to help keep rope away from prop.
  • Distributes load equally between D-Rings

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