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Minnkota Power Center

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Minnkota Power Center
Minnkota Power CenterMinnkota Power CenterMinnkota Power CenterMinnkota Power Center
Minnkota Power Center box; puteti alimenta de la aceeasi baterie 3 consumatori; este echipata cu indicator pentru nivelul de incarcare a bateriei - semnalizare cu LED-uri Dimensiune: 340 x 180 x 225 mm ATENTIE ! NU INCLUDE ACUMULATORUL!!!  

Minn Kota Power Center

Kota Internal dimensions of box Length: 340mm
Width: 180 mm Height: 225 mm
Practical and smart power supply for Fish finder electric outboard motor or various appliances. Ideal box - box for small boats where all the batteries are integrated permanently. This battery box with holder is equipped with an integrated indicator which shows charged position and also equipped with outer poles and wing nut to link outboard motor. This linking is saved via breaker - 60 A. Also breakers of two plugs to charge various appliances are saved - 10 A. (e.g.: Fish finder 55 W reflector). Both of the breakers are in the box cover so they are disposable.

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