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Waketower Add 1.6

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Waketower Add 1.6
Waketower Add 1.6Waketower Add 1.6Waketower Add 1.6
Waketower Jobe Addict 1.6, se poate monta pe orice barca cu latime de 193 - 275 cm. Dispune de bari din aluminiu cu un diametru de 51 mm, 2 suporturi laterale integrate pentru placa wakeboard si o sectiune superioara telescopica. Addict 1.6 - New 2013 This year, the old Addict 1.5 tower get a facelift and re-designed the side arms and wakeboard racks The Addict 1.6 tower has a 2-inch diameter aviation grade aluminum tubes and both side arms have an integrated, uniquely shaped wakeboard rack  This model has mounting blocks with rubber washers (for connecting to the boat), for a stronger and more durable connection This tower fits any boat from 76-108 inches in width and can also be folded down above the horizontal side bars Telescopic top section  2" diameter tubing Fits boat decks from (a minimum of) 76"/193cm to 108"/274cm in width Anodized version: aluminum tubes are anodized to increase corrosion resistance and surface hardness