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Waketower Add 1.3


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Waketower Add 1.3
Waketower Add 1.3Waketower Add 1.3Waketower Add 1.3Waketower Add 1.3Waketower Add 1.3
Waketower model 1,3- pretabil pentru barci cu latimea de 193-274cm Addict Tower 1.3 The Addict 1.3 is the best looking tower on the market; manufactured out of the best aviation grade aluminium available. The 2 inch tubes look great and will definitely make heads turn!! The horizontal bars run parallel to most window-lines, making the tower more rigid and stable. This tower fits on boats from 76-108 inch wide. This tower is higher than other towers which will give you that extra airtime and more space to walk around on the boat • 2” diameter tubing • This model has improved mounting blocks (connection with the boat), for a stronger and more durable connection • Fits boat decks from (at least) 76”/193 cm to 108”/274 cm in width • Anodized version: aluminium tubes are anodized to increase corrosion resistance and surface hardness • Can be folded down for winter storage

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