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Ulei Yamalube TC-W3


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Ulei Yamalube TC-W3
Ulei Yamalube TC-W3
Ulei YAMALUBE TCW3-R 2timpi, se poate folosi pentru orice motor de barca in 2 timpi, sau pentru jetskiuri cu motoare 2 timpi ambalaj 1 litru   Yamaha Outboard 2-M Outboard TC-W3® 2-Stroke Engine Oil Outboard Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil that's an Outboard Industry approved NMMA TC-W3® formulation with our exclusive additives we meet or exceed the industry standard when it comes to guarding against power robbing ring stick and carbon build up, while providing superior anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection in the harsh marine enviroment. Not recommended for land based products, WaveRunner® or Sport Boats.  

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