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Our company was founded in 1972 by Mr. Heinz Rigal and is now in its second generation in the possession of his family. The management took over Christian and Alexandra Rigal several years ago.On an operating area (office, warehouse and showroom) of approx. 4,000 m2, our goods are stored, presented, packed and shipped to many EU countries. Our crew consists of 25 competent employees, from the circumnavigator to the logistics specialist, who are always ready to provide our customers with expert advice and assistance.

The company began selling rope, pods and sailboat liners, but over the decades, the range of products that you will find here on the Internet has grown. The target group for the sale of our products is the marine and boat trade, the camping industry and the fishing trade. 60% of our products are mainly exported to the European Union, especially to our new southern and eastern EU member states.

The most important export goods are our "Allroundmarin" inflatable boats, MINN KOTA electric outboard engines and HUMMINBIRD fishfinder. Of course, many other products and the complete range of accessories are also included. In Germany, for example, which is also a very important and large market for us, several sales representatives look after specialist retailers. For example, our own training and demonstration centers, which you will find on our homepage, have been installed here. Also a repair shop for our "Allroundmarin" inflatable boats and for our MINN KOTA electric outboard motor is available for about 30 years, where also spare parts for old engines which were delivered eg 15 years ago, are available. Nobody makes it that easy for us!





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