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Finnmaster , Husky and Grandezza represent strong Finnish boatbuilding skills.

We are proud of our boats. We spend a lot of time thinking about the user experience - how the hull behaves in different conditions, how family and guests can enjoy their time at sea and experience a great feeling when waking up in a boat.

In our beautiful and demanding archipelago, a boat is much more than just a means of transportation - it is freedom, passion and tradition. Above all, however, it is a way of life. We at Finnmaster Boats are part of this way of life.

The boatbuilding tradition is passed down from generation to generation, and from year to year, know-how and passion are integrated into the boats we design and build.

There are no limits to our professional pride, as every boat leaving our boat factory is built and designed with decades of skill, experience and a clear vision: we build modernly designed boats with sensible solutions - without compromising on safety.

Each Finnmaster, Husky and Grandezza is a unique individual and a beautiful and intricate combination of carefully selected parts and materials.

Our boat is tested in front of our boat sculpture in a real marine environment. Each boat must pass rigorous tests before leaving the factory. We don’t compromise when we build a boat for you and your family.

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