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Parker Poland

Parker Poland

Parker este un brand recunoscut de origine engleză, sub denumirea căruia sunt produse in Polonia ambarcatiuni la cel mai înalt nivel de calitate si performante.

Subsidiara a companiei engleze AH Parker & Sons Ltd, compania a fost fondata in 1886 si activeaza in industria producatoare de ambarcatiuni din Polonia, inca din anul 1970. Profitand de experiența anterioara acumulata din producția bărcilor gonflabile rigide Parker RIB, compania a decis sa intre si pe piața bărcilor sportive, de agrement și de pescuit. Barcile Parker se fac remarcate prin designul lor inovator, flotabilitatea excepțională și mai presus de toate, calitatea și rezistența net superioară. 


În prezent, barcile Parker din fibra de sticla inglobeaza diferite modele de bowridere, day-cruisere, pilothouse inclusiv un fly-bridge, cu lungimi cuprinse intre 6 si 11.64m, astfel;


  • Parker 630 in 3 variante - Sport, Bow Rider si Day Cruiser
  • Parker 690 in 3 variante- Sport, Bow Rider si Day Cruiser
  • Parker 660 in 3 variante - Pilothouse, Weekend and Open.
  • Parker 750 in 2 variante - Cabin Cruiser and Day Cruiser
  • Parker 760 Quest, o singura varianta, unul din modelele anului 2020
  • Parker 770 o singura varianta- Weekend outboard
  • Parker 790 o singura varianta- Explorer cu motor outboard
  • Parker 800 in 3 variante, Pilothouse si Weekend si Cruiser. Modelul Weekend cu motor outboard, sau inboard diesel/ benzina.
  • Parker 850 intr-o singura varianta, Voyager
  • Parker 920, o singuga varianta, Explorer Max, model nou 2020
  • Monaco – in doua variante Monaco 110 si Monaco Flybridge( model nou 2020)

Majoritatea barcilor Parker sunt dotate cu motoare outboard, insa la cerere Parker Poland ofera solutii si pentru motorizari inboard diesel sau benzina. Parker boats, Live your dream !

Compass Boats

Compass Boats

"COMPASS Boats" is a Greek company with over 50 years of history and traditions in the production of fiberglass craft. The company periodically launches new configurations with modern design in line with the Eurostandards, while at the same time improving the already proven ones over time. 
All COMPASS boats, designed and put into production after 2009, are manufactured using  S4 (Second Skin Stringer System) - in the first fiberglass casing (bottom) is mounted and glued a second with a configuration of ribs, stringers and hermetic compartments (instead of the traditional wooden construction of ribs and stringers), and on top of them is mounted and glued the upper deck housing with a polyurethane foam burrito. The boats thus produced are lighter, healthier, more immobile and much longer. 
Practically equipped, combined with modern design, light, fast and extremely well-standing, COMPASS boats provide security and comfort to their owner.

The history of Compass Boats has been very long since the late 1960s when the two brothers, Dimitris and Markos Samouchos, with unwavering love for the object, decided to set up a shipbuilding and trading company in Athens.

So, the two youngsters, driven by their passion for sailing and the world of the sea, began producing Compass 14 and 15. The success was immediate and the company began to enrich its range with new models, as well as extends to other activities such as imports of marine accessories and outboard engines.

Soon the increased production made it imperative to transfer the plant to a larger area and thus it was transferred to new facilities in the north of Attica. Production has been steadily increasing and more and more models have been added to the range such as 530, 490 and 426, making Compass Boats one of the leading and most famous boatbuilding companies in Greece.

In addition to this, the company, apart from its commercial activity, started to operate in other sectors as well. He started to participate and organize high speed boat races, and Dimitris Samouchos together with other builders of the time founded SEKAPLAS, the association of Greek shipbuilders, in which he has been in charge of the General Secretary for many years.

In the late 1970s, the company began to export its vessels to other European countries, always placing emphasis and priority on the robustness of construction in its intelligent design and the impeccable after-sales service to its customers. In Greece, the sales network was expanded to 4 key points of sale in Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos and Patras.

At the threshold of the new century, Compass Boats goes into the new generation and the long successful course continues to this day, even more dynamically with new designs and modern production methods, while maintaining tradition, attention to detail and excellent customer service .

Come with us, experience the experience, and become a member of the ever-growing Compass Boats family.




Finnmaster , Husky and Grandezza represent strong Finnish boatbuilding skills.

We are proud of our boats. We spend a lot of time thinking about the user experience - how the hull behaves in different conditions, how family and guests can enjoy their time at sea and experience a great feeling when waking up in a boat.

In our beautiful and demanding archipelago, a boat is much more than just a means of transportation - it is freedom, passion and tradition. Above all, however, it is a way of life. We at Finnmaster Boats are part of this way of life.

The boatbuilding tradition is passed down from generation to generation, and from year to year, know-how and passion are integrated into the boats we design and build.

There are no limits to our professional pride, as every boat leaving our boat factory is built and designed with decades of skill, experience and a clear vision: we build modernly designed boats with sensible solutions - without compromising on safety.

Each Finnmaster, Husky and Grandezza is a unique individual and a beautiful and intricate combination of carefully selected parts and materials.

Our boat is tested in front of our boat sculpture in a real marine environment. Each boat must pass rigorous tests before leaving the factory. We don’t compromise when we build a boat for you and your family.



We create unforgettable moments on the water and make sure that your personal dreams of your own boat become a reality. The enthusiasm for the element of water is our motivation and the motor for our creativity. We live the same dream as our customers - so maybe we get on well with each other. Anyone who has picked up speed can not be dissuaded from the course so quickly.
Europe Marine works hand in hand with numerous engine manufacturers. As a certified installation company, we fulfill all requirements and assume responsibility for the boat care, maintenance and overhaul. Boat transfer trips are organized reliably worldwide.
Our great expertise distinguishes us also in the sale. Therefore, we have been appointed certified in-house and inboard outfitting company. At the Boot 2016 we were honored with the Mercury SALES Award as Germany's best distribution center.
Europe Marine proudly looks back on a 34-year history, which is characterized by innovative ideas, high-quality products, passion, committed employees and highly satisfied customers. Over the years we have been able to continuously expand our range of services and develop leading positions in the boat market. The two car drivers Robert and Peter Nürnberger have the rudder at Europe Marine under control and always ensure the right course. The technical know-how of the brothers, their many years of experience in the industry and our personal customer service with depth are the guarantors of success. Our company is experiencing continuous growth and currently employs more than 25 people.





Grandezza boats are built in the picturesque seaside town of Kokkola, on the western coast of Finland by the beautiful Gulf of Bothnia. We are proud to be a part of the strong boat building and seafaring heritage of our charming region. Today we have three active boat yards in the area where all our boats are designed and built.

The greater Kokkola region is considered as the birthplace of the Finnish boat building tradition. To this day, the majority of the country’s boat building industry operates in the area. This age-old, skilled tradition is reflected in the ambition that our boat builders have for their craft, resulting in the uncompromised quality and design of Grandezza.

The proximity of the untamed sea and the versatile conditions of the vast northern archipelago have set a high standard for the quality and comfort of Grandezza. The Nordic archipelago and seasonal weather changes work as an unforgiving testing and developing environment for our boats. Thanks to our challenging proving grounds, every Grandezza boat is designed and built to provide our customers with comfortable and prestigious moments at sea – regardless of the conditions.





On a Sealine, the sky and the horizon are your ever-present companions. Impressive window façades allow you to enjoy the airiness of modern glass architecture on the high seas and revel in unrestricted panoramic views. Thanks to the balance of lighting design, colour composition and material aesthetics, a Sealine yacht is your own floating designer suite. Both inside and out, a host of sophisticated extras ensure that your every need is met as you take to the water. Sealine – the last word in latest-generation maritime elegance.



Sealine c390_1_720p from Sailing Academy, Kiev , Ukraine on Vimeo.



A pioneer for 33 years

The year was 1986, when the boat and motor division of Finland's largest central wholesaler asked Aimo Mustonen to establish a boat factory for designing and manufacturing a proprietary boat range for the company. The central wholesaler had had its proprietary brand for years, and the range available at the time mainly consisted of products from different boat manufacturers, marketed under the wholesaler's own brand. The new range was to be designed and manufactured to be competitively priced even though the distribution chain was one link longer than that of competitors.

The development of AMT-Veneet Oy's production facility was launched immediately, including a global survey on small boat manufacturing. The actual production began on Nov. 4, 1987. The staff at the production facility had been trained in AMT's new and effective serial production methods, and within a few months production volumes surpassed those of competitors that used traditional methods.

In addition to manufacturing, AMT's operations included structural design of boats, selection and procurement of materials and accessories as well as establishment of an extremely effective component manufacturer network. AMT also handled boat certification and distribution to retailers and importers.

Boats manufactured by AMT quickly became a staple of quality in their size classes which others aspired to achieve and were benchmarked against. AMT continued as the contract manufacturer of the central wholesaler until 2005 when it decided to discontinue the collaboration. Up until then more than 30 boat models were designed and more than 25 000 boats manufactured at the company's two production facilities.
The end result is AMT boats that meet the needs of the most demanding boaters. Ever since they were first introduced, AMT boats have been extremely successful in product tests and comparisons conducted by both Finnish and International boating magazines.

An All-Finnish boat range

The AMT boats are as Finnish as they come, both designed and manufactured by Finnish professionals at two modern Finnish factories. AMT was the first boat brand to receive the "key flag" award by the Association for Finnish Work in recognition of the domestic origin of the products. At the two factories in Kontiolahti in the Northern Karelia region, up to 1 600 boats are built every year.
AMT is also a significant exporter selling boats abroad in e.g. Sweden, Norway, Russia, Denmark, Estonia and the UK.

These three words sum up the basic concept of the AMT boats : DRIVEABILITY, COMFORT and SAFETY.




Our company was founded in 1972 by Mr. Heinz Rigal and is now in its second generation in the possession of his family. The management took over Christian and Alexandra Rigal several years ago.On an operating area (office, warehouse and showroom) of approx. 4,000 m2, our goods are stored, presented, packed and shipped to many EU countries. Our crew consists of 25 competent employees, from the circumnavigator to the logistics specialist, who are always ready to provide our customers with expert advice and assistance.

The company began selling rope, pods and sailboat liners, but over the decades, the range of products that you will find here on the Internet has grown. The target group for the sale of our products is the marine and boat trade, the camping industry and the fishing trade. 60% of our products are mainly exported to the European Union, especially to our new southern and eastern EU member states.

The most important export goods are our "Allroundmarin" inflatable boats, MINN KOTA electric outboard engines and HUMMINBIRD fishfinder. Of course, many other products and the complete range of accessories are also included. In Germany, for example, which is also a very important and large market for us, several sales representatives look after specialist retailers. For example, our own training and demonstration centers, which you will find on our homepage, have been installed here. Also a repair shop for our "Allroundmarin" inflatable boats and for our MINN KOTA electric outboard motor is available for about 30 years, where also spare parts for old engines which were delivered eg 15 years ago, are available. Nobody makes it that easy for us!




“RAILBLAZA products are so versatile, and great value for money. StarPorts can be mounted just about anywhere, and because they’re made in New Zealand, the quality is fantastic”
What sets RAILBLAZA apart from its competition is the simplicity of our StarPortTM mount, the ease with which people fit it, and the diverse range of situations it’s used in.  Super strong, all RAILBLAZA parts are made from high quality, UV stabilized, engineering polymers, stainless steel and anodised aluminium. Where extra strength is required, the polymers used are fiberglass reinforced.
StarPortTM can be surface mounted and remain low profile, or the profile can be reduced even further with minimal rear intrusion. Our accessory range is both stylish and practical, and will fit most budgets.
RAILBLAZA began its life as a mounting system for holding things to the back of a quad-bike. Once the initial concept was developed, it was realised that this system had merits in the marine industry also.
We’re committed to making people’s lives easier, by providing diverse, flexible and user-friendly mounting systems and accessories to the marine, RV and farming sectors internationally. We have proven this commitment by a process of continuous refinement of our product line, and excellent customer service
Since dispatching our first shipment in March 2010, people the world over have discovered how useful RAILBLAZA products are, we now sell in nearly 50 countries




Today, large and beautiful boats are increasingly gaining the status of a convenient fishing vehicle, a comfortable stay with friends and family, and active water recreation. For someone, having a comfortable boat for fishing or relaxing is a reasonable need, a desire to feel comfortable and safe away from the coast in large water areas, which North-West of Russia is famous for. 
The aluminum boat market is full of offers from various companies from Russia and other countries. In such a situation, one can take and maintain a leading position only by creating a truly high-quality and reliable product, to which a high credit of trust will always be maintained. 
Today, Grizzly confidently and firmly takes a leading position, annually expanding the range and increasing sales of aluminum boats; designed and manufactured independently, in our own production in St. Petersburg. Having studied the experience of large foreign companies, all the best in production was taken, making it possible to ultimately create a line of different aluminum boats for different conditions and tasks. Paying close attention to build quality at all stages of production, our policy is to maintain a reasonable level of prices, focusing on real production costs, rather than speculative rates of traders. Therefore, the Grizzly company does not need advertising, but only in the presentation of its products, you can learn more about which in the relevant sections of the site.
Saxdor Yachts

Saxdor Yachts

Visionary boat designer and founder of Saxdor Yachts, Sakari Mattila, previously founded four successful and internationally-awarded boat brands: Axopar, Paragon, XO-boats, and Aquador. Throughout his remarkable career, Mattila has had the role of lead strategist and original designer for each of these much loved brands.


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