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Parker 780 Escape, nou cruiser 2022

Dată: 2021-11-03

The Parker 780 Escape:

is an ideal Day cruiser for weekends that can accommodate up to 8 people. It is a superb boat where you can relax comfortably and where six people can sleep (four interior places + two external beds under the awning). The cockpit is spacious and features a comfortable adjustable seat. The good ideas of the Parker 690 were kept like the benches with double position backrest, to be able to take full advantage of the bathing platforms.

In the cockpit, we can also note a kitchen area with a fridge and stove, and storage.

The camping awning can be stored as usual in the rear trunk

It is no wonder that boaters have praised the advantages of outboard motors over inboard motors, given the lower maintenance cost, the sharp reduction in fuel costs, the greater respect for the environment, and comfort and operational reliability.

Modern outboards have given rise to a revolution in the boat market! Parker has recreated so-called classic models of boats, with a new and modern design, as well as advanced technology, which has enabled it to reduce the price of its new model and provide significantly lower maintenance costs for boaters by compared to an inboard engine.


This innovative technology involves vacuum infusion during shell molding, multiaxial reinforcements to reduce weight, increase rigidity and improve comfort. The hull has two steps to reduce friction and fuel consumption, but also to increase speeds.


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