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Kit reparatie Volvo Penta

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sistem de protectie/si reparatie/ din inox pentru transmisiile Volvo Penta SX(2007-UP) - va reparati singuri si se foarte usor "cizmele" sparte, razuite sau cu pinten lipsa complet.

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Kit reparatie Volvo Penta
Kit reparatie Volvo Penta
Protect your outboard and sterndrive engine from damage with a SKEGGARD skeg guard! ... The hottest innovation in marine technology We all know that horrible sound of running into a rock, coral head, submerged driftwood, or debris and damaging your skeg and propeller. Skeg damage used to mean expensive repairs, such as welding on a new skeg... and that meant putting your boat out of commission for days, or even weeks! But now you can use the innovative new SKEGGARD skeg guard to effectively protect your outboard engine with... High-quality marine-grade stainless steel TWICE as strong as the original skeg No effect on performance Easy, do-it-yourself installation

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