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Radar Furuno M-1724C

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Unitate radar chartplotter Furuno M-1724C; include harta pe suport SD C-Map ( East Mediterranean Black Sea) - NU include antena de 2.2KW si cablurile de alimentare. Unitatea este second hand

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Radar Furuno M-1724C
Radar Furuno M-1724CRadar Furuno M-1724CRadar Furuno M-1724C
Radar & Chart Plotter Features:
  • Sunlight Viewable 7" Color VGA (480 x 640) TFT LCD Display
  • AR-coated, high-brightness display unit for improved sunlight viewability.
  • New Radome Antenna adjusts antenna rotation speed based on the range in use, 30rpm in short range and 24rpm in mid/long ranges
  • Automatic GST (Gain, Sea Clutter, Tuning) Receiver
  • Target or Echo Trails with Selectable Time Intervals
  • Commercially popular SD chart/memory card format
  • Full compatibility with C-Map NT MAX charts
  • Enhanced graphics with 256 color full VGA presentations
  • Improved screen redraw, scroll refresh, and memory cache
  • New “Quick Point” L/L direct entry waypoint
  • 100 target AIS display with I/F module and external AIS Rx
  • Simplified installation with new “Network Wizard” set-up
  • Adjustable (In or Out) Radar Guard Zone Alarm
  • Picture Off-Centering or Target Zoom Mode
  • Cursor L/L Position Display **
  • Watchman Mode activates the Radar for Safety and Security
  • On-Screen Display of Vessel Position, Heading, etc. *
  • Waypoint Lollipop On-Screen, to simplify Navigation * or **
  • Full Functioning Infared Remote Control
  • Radar Overlay available with appropriate heading sensor (ie. PG500R)
  • Vessel Position Display in L/L or Loran-C TD's
  • North-Up, Course-Up or Automatic Course-Up display modes
  • Plotter, Nav Data, Steering Director or Highway display modes
  • Up to 8,000 points for ship's track and marks, 999 waypoints, 35 quick points, 1 MOB, 200
  • planned routes (max. 35 waypoints/route) and 1 quick route
  • Add Multiple Displays by Connecting to NavNet Interface
  • Add Network Sounder by Connecting to NavNet Interface

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