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Filtru benzina universal

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Filtru universal de benzina cu stuturi de 1/4, 5/16 si 3/8 inch; se poate folosi pentru orice tip de motor outboard

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Filtru benzina universal
Filtru benzina universal
The Inline Fuel Filter for Outboards is a high-quality in-line fuel filter that’s suitable for use with 6mm (1/4" ), 8mm (5/16" ) and 10mm (3/8" ) fuel lines. It protects all carbureted engines by catching dirt and particles before they reach the engine. The clear-viewing barrel makes visual inspection of any elements trapped inside easier. It has chrome-plated brass ends and can be easily removed for cleaning. Compact and easy to install, this in-line fuel filter will keep the pollutants from entering your engine. Inline Fuel Filter for Outboards Features:
  • Suitable for use with 6mm (1/4" ), 8mm (5/16" ) and 10mm (3/8" ) fuel lines
  • Protects all carbureted engines from pollutants
  • Compact
  • Easy to install
  • Chrome-plated brass ends
  • Clear-viewing barrel
  • Can be removed for cleaning

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