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Blower Blumax 3''

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Ventilator Blumax 3"' - asigura ventilarea compartimentului motor pentru barcile cu motor inboard Garantie 3 ani

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Blower Blumax 3''
Blower Blumax 3''
" BluMaxx Premium Bilge Blowers feature statically & dynamically balanced blades, extra shaft support, sealed & shrink wrapped inline motor, and molded wire relief for strong connections.  All of those extra features add up to a quieter blower that lasts longer!  Meets or exceeds appropriate safety standards issued by UL, NMMA, ABYC, USCG, and CE.  This blower has a three year limited warranty... something you won't find on most OEM blowers! Generates 165 CFM to ventilate your engine compartment fast. Draws 4.5 amps at 12V, rated for an 8 amp fuse.
This blower is slightly larger than many OEM installed blowers, so make sure you have room.

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