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instalatie de incalzire de la WEBASTO Marine - model AIR TOP 2000ST

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Air Top 2000 ST The whisper heater – the smallest air heating system on the market. Extremely economical, it features generous heat output. With the Air Top ST standard controller, you can turn all Air Top ST air heating systems on and off as well as setting the desired temperature using a continuously variable selector. Air Top ST Marine-Kit In order to offer you ultimate comfort, we not only supply you with high-quality products but also provide all required accessories in one kit. Our air heating systems are supplied with a cable harness, tank extractor, dosage pump, exhaust silencer and all hoses and hardware required for installation, including boat mounting bracket. Air Top 2000 ST Fuel consumption control range .03 - .06 gal/h Nominal power consumption control range 1.20 - 2.40 Amps Weight 5.73 lbs L x W x H (inches) 12.48 x 4.72 x 4.76 in Additional output levels for this product can be found in the product brochure. Product brochure

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