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Hidrofoil 50CP plus

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Stabilizator hidrofoil Eastener pentru motoare cu puteri cuprinse intre 50-250CP - reduce cu 50{8f2afe3520bc3709d7bd68145a8edacbea79721dc3ec44b1f19e4f0ff13b53a0} consumul de benzina ; - ajuta la intrarea in glisaj a barcii chiar si la turatii mici ale motorului; - ajuta la intrarea in glisaj(planare) in cazul supraincarcarii barcii; Dimensiune: 264x216mm mareste stabilitatea barcii la viraje bruste

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Hidrofoil 50CP plus
Hidrofoil 50CP plusHidrofoil 50CP plusHidrofoil 50CP plus
These tough high strength foils provide both lower on-plane and higher top end speeds while helping to prevent porpoising and sideways slip. Hydrofoil weighs 1.5kg and comes with all fastenings. Construction is extremely durable moulded plastic and has a surface area of 430mm x 260 this is both pieces put together. Features:
  • Increased lift with improved take off and stability
  • Helps eliminate cavitation and porpoising
  • Forces stern up and bow down for smoother take offs
  • Two pieces designs allows for easy installation
  • Complete with stainless steel mounting hardware

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