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Generator Paguro 4000

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Generator Paguro 4000, putere 4.0 kw, diesel, special pentru barci si ambarcatiuni Combustibil: DIESEL - autonomie: 40 ore cu un rezevor de 40 litri, racire cu apa. Dimensiune ; 550x 350 x 520 Consum: 0.35 litri/KW/h - greutate: 83 kg Produsul se aduce pe comanda, timp de livrare 10 zile de la data lansarii comenzii

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Generator Paguro 4000
Generator Paguro 4000Generator Paguro 4000Generator Paguro 4000Generator Paguro 4000
The Paguro 4000 is our most popular generator. Ideal for when you want to charge your batteries and have plenty spare for a couple of air conditioning units and a watermaker as well as the usual TV, laptop, electric kettle, microwave, hair drier, etc. This powerful unit will even start and run a small dive compressor such as the Bauer Junior or the Coltri Sub. The 4000 would be a good choice for boats in the 40’ – 50’ range wanting a similar facility as having standard shore power – it has a 15A output. The power output quoted above is the continuous rating at 230V and when the power factor is 1.0.
Diesel engine maker


Mechanical continuous power
4,6 KW
5 KW
Continuous speed
3000 g/1'
3600 g/1'
Specific fuel consumption
0,35 lt./KW/h
Cooling system
Sea water thermostatically controlled
Cooling pump
Johnson system self-priming directly driven, without belt
Starting and shut-off system
12 V electrical starter remote controlled
Emergency starting system
By handle and automatic decompression device
Generator maker
V.T.E. - Trieste
Generator type
Synchronus, brushless, AC watercooled generator
Water cooling system
Through stainless steel AISI 316 L heat exchanger jacket
Electrical continuous power
50 cyc.
4 KVA - 3,5 KW
60 cyc.
4,2 KVA - 3,8 KW
Pick current for 2 sec. (230 V)
45 A
Single phase AC 230 V
Single phase AC 115 V
Auxiliary voltage for starting battery
12 V - 8 A
Remote control

fitted with hourmeter, load indicator, automatic shut-off device for low oil pressure and water over temperature, starting motor self disengagement, 10 m cable and socket

Noise level
52 dB(A)
Weight (soundproof hood included)
83 Kg

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