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Pompa SeaFlo 600Gph

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Pompa santina Sea Flo 600 GPH, 12v, 600 galoane/ora sau 38 litri/minut

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Pompa SeaFlo 600Gph
Pompa SeaFlo 600Gph
Features & Benefits Pump and switch are stand alone products Compact, efficient, long life motors New mercury free float switches Size: 600 gph in 12 volt version Easy clean snap-lock strainer bases Anti-Airlock protection Exclusive moisture tight seals Completely submersible Marine grade blocked wiring Silent and vibrationless operation Typical Applications Marine RV & Campers Industrial PUMP Liquid Temperature 110°F (43°C) Max. Priming Capabilities Not needed flooded suction Power 3.5 amps max current draw Max Pressure Not needed MOTOR Type Compact, efficient, long life motor Leads 18 AWG, 1 m long Leads Temperature Limits 110°F (43°C) Max. Duty Cycle Intermittent Voltage 12v

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