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Panou 3 contacte

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Panou de sigurante cu 3 contacte, 3 sigurante fuzibile, voltmetru si bricheta 12V

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Panou 3 contacte
Panou 3 contacte

Black Aluminium finish panel with 3 illuminated switches and 3 fuse holders.

Cigar Lighter Socket (fused) and Test Meter for 2 Batteries.

Rated at 12 volt D.C.

Supplied with 1 x 3amp fuse, 1 x 5amp fuse, 1 x 10amp fuse and 1 x 15amp fuse.

Dimensions 115mm Wide x 166mm High.

12 Pre Printed Labels included to lable your switches professionally.

Recess required to fit panel 50mm. 

Rated at 12volt D.C.   


Complete in box with full wiring Instructions.

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