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Pompa macerator SPX

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Pompa macerator Johnson Pump SPX, pentru golirea rezervorul de deseuri 12/24V

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Pompa macerator SPX
Pompa macerator SPXPompa macerator SPX

The Johnson Pump brand TA3P10-19 Macerator pump takes care of the toilet waste, shredding it before it is pumped into or out from the holding tank. Features Ignition protected motor, conforming with ISO 8846 Marine Mounting bracket for easy replacement Extremely energy efficient Rotary cutter casing of PET (thermoplastic polyester) Directly connected to sewage line or holding tank Design features  Pump body: Phenol plastic (PF) Impeller: Nitrile Cutter casing: Thermoplastic polyester (PET) Shaft: Stainless steel Seal: Lip seal Voltage: 12 V or 24 V DC Hose connection: Inlet 1 1/2" (Ø 38 mm) hose or 1 1/2" BSP Outlet 1" hose (Ø 25.4 mm)

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