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Barci Joker

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Barci pneumatice cu chila gonflabila, foarte usoare. chila gonflabila din material de mare densitate. Disponibile in culori gri sau verde Because of its size JOKER model is a boat with the smallest transport size. Stabile inflatable bottom keeps the perfect boat stability and it is set horizontally above V inflatable keel Blow-up the boat: for 0,8 bar High lifting power and stability of the boat in the curves allows safeness. Light-grey models 300 and 320 are equipped with reinforced edge up to rowlocks so the ship control device can be assembled when needed.   Model Joker230260300320Lungime228 cm263 cm299 cm319 cmlatime133,5 cm150 cm152 cm153 cmdiametru tub36,5 cm41,0 cm42,0 cm42,0 cmcamere gonflabile3+23+23+23+2Greutate impachetata25,6 kg28,5 kg30,8 kg36,6 kgsarcina maxima400 kg550 kg580 kg620 kgPersoane2,53,544,5Max. motor kW / CP3,7 / 5 6/86 / 87,4 / 10Max. greutate motor40 kg55 kg55 kg55 kgPRET cu TVA1,194 €1,319 €1,461 €1,583 €culoare gri97 803797 803897 806697 8068culoare verde-97 806397 797997 7980

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Barci Joker
Barci JokerBarci JokerBarci JokerBarci JokerBarci JokerBarci JokerBarci JokerBarci Joker

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