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Redresor MK330E

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Redresor MK330E
Redresor MK330E
Redresor Minnkota MK330E, pentru incarcarea simultana a 3 baterii de max. 120Ah  

Minn Kota automatic battery charger stationary / on-board

The Minn Kota Onboard chargers are equipped with two or three charging ports. The special feature is that each charging output has its own ground line. Therefore, even batteries, for example, are connected to 24V or 36V in series, are loaded without separation of the series. They are intended for fixed installation on the boat or caravan, are equipped with an automatic 3-stage charging (electricity, Spannungsbregrenzung and trickle charge ) equipped. They are also water-, shock- and vibration-proof and resistant to corrosion in salt air. They are also backed radio, short circuit and reverse polarity protected. For lead / acid, maintenance-free, AGM batteries. Minn Kotas multi-stage charging profile will automatically check the output voltage and output current of the charger to charge your batteries quickly and safely store during storage.
  • The stage of the current-limited charging delivers a high voltage, until the battery has reached about 75{8f2afe3520bc3709d7bd68145a8edacbea79721dc3ec44b1f19e4f0ff13b53a0} of its charge capacity (14.4V).
  • In the voltage-limited stage, the voltage decreases to 13.5V to keep the gases at a low level, while the battery power in the absorbed her own, falling rhythm.
  • The holding or levitation stage reduces the power output of the charger when the battery is fully charged and keeps the voltage between 13.2V and 13.5V and the current between 0.1 and 0.3 amps in terms of a short or long-term battery charge.
 Model Volt Charging outputs Charging power tot. Max. A / output Ah batteries Dimensions W / D / H Weight
MK210 12 V 2 10 A 5 A 35-60 29 x 10 x 19 5.0 kg
MK220 12 V 2 20 A 10 A 60-120 34 x 10 x 19 6.8 kg
MK330 12 V 3 30 A 10 A 60-120 41 x 10 x 19 9.0 kg

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