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Railblaza Sideport negru

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Railblaza Sideport negru
Railblaza Sideport negru
Suport Railblaza Sideport ; un sistem unic si versatil, acesta este solutie de prindere a numeroase accesorii pe suprafete verticale.   SidePort   Description Ideal for the gunwales of the smaller boats, as for the vertical walls of the wells on kayaks and any other application where you have a vertical surface, but you need a StarPorts horizontal. The SidePort RAILBLAZA is installed in a very short time, and it is a fantastic accessory of great use.   IMPORTANT: The use of petroleum-based lubricants on the sled of StarPorts will cause damage. The prdodotti silicone based are most suitable (check the content of the lubricant before use). For more information on mounting watch the videos on this page.   Construction Materials StarPorts: AES - (Acrylonitrile Styrene Ethylene) locking slider: - Polycarbonate Screws: Stainless Steel

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