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Railblaza Starport negru

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Railblaza Starport negru
Railblaza Starport negru
Suportul de fixare Railblaza Starport este numitorul comun pentru toata gama de accesorii Railblaza; prindere pe orizontala sau verticala a numeroase accesorii pe barci cu motor, barci gonflabile, kayak, ATV uri, in garaje ...   StarPorts: it all started from here ...   Description The base StarPorts RAILBLAZA support is a versatile multifunctional, which is used in a large number of applications and allows to install and change the whole range of accessories RAILBLAZA. StarPorts is easy to assemble. Can be fixed on the floor or recessed, motor boats, sailboats, dinghies, kayaks, off the road and has many other applications.   IMPORTANT: The use of petroleum-based lubricants on the sled of StarPorts will cause damage. The silicone-based products are more suitable (check the content of the lubricant before use). For more information and advice about the installation, check the video on this page.   Construction Materials StarPorts HD: AES (Acrylonitrile Styrene Ethylene) slide-locking: Polycarbonate Screws: stainless steel

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